2024 Annual Meeting Delegates

List of Delegates:

Gabrielle Blais-Jones

Hi! My name is Gabrielle and this would be my third time attending the Annual Meeting as a Delegate for the Toronto OT Local. I am a staunch advocate for 2SLGBTQIA+ rights (for students, colleagues, and in the community), a proud anti-racist educator
(both inside and outside my classroom), and am not afraid to speak my mind. As a French teacher and francophone, I am proud
to stand up for my colleagues and request fair treatment and access to resources from our parent union. I am also familiar with
Robert’s Rules of Order and am able to navigate this complex world efficiently. It would be my pleasure to represent you at the AM!

Sarah Boomhower

Sharon Brown

Sujatha Chintakunta

Aanii, Greetings, My name is Sujatha Chintakunta. I am part of Toronto OT. It has been a dream for me to be a delegate and represent my OT-Union. I have previously attended as an alternate and there was so much of learning about the ETFO. I was happy to witness the elections, and the way different issues were discussed. I want to attend the ETFO Annual Meeting, 2024 as a Delegate and want to learn about the Constitution, about the EFTO agenda and upcoming activities. I want to know who my ETFO leaders are and I want to learn more about the issues discussed and I want to be part of the debate, contributing my views as an active member of my union. I really look forward to this opportunity and for more learning about ETFO.
Sujatha Chintakunta

Lisa De Santis

Greg Deitcher

Loreen Gale

I am a new member of the Toronto Occasional Teachers. I attended the annual meeting for many years with ETT. I would like to continue to attend because I realize how important the annual meeting is to ensure teacher voices reach ETFO and that Toronto has a voice at the table.

Marisa Gallippi

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Danielle Ingster

Fellow members:
I have been a member of this local since 2015 and before that a member of ETT since 1991. During all those years I have been an active and involved member with various committees working in the best interest of our members. I have been a delegate to more than 20 AGM. I am very familiar with the process and I have always supported and voted in favour of the motions our local submitted at the AGM.
The AGM is the once a year event when members can use their democratic voice, articulate their concerns, be heard and respected. I have been there, I have done that and I have received the approval of the delegations .
I ask that you support my candidacy as a delegate to the AGM so that we can continue our work and put our efforts to protect and bring about some much needed improvements to our profession and its members.
Allow me to be your voice again, to represent your interests, to voice your concerns and to vote on motions that directly impact our safety, the future of our profession.
Thank you for your consideration.

Danielle Ingster

Melissa Major

I am very excited to put my name forth as a candidate to be a delegate for the 2024 ETFO Annual Meeting. I have attended several times over the past decade and have experience putting forth motions and speaking at the microphone. My experience in the union is mostly as a workshop presenter having presented workshops for our local, for the Presenters On The Road program and several workshops for the ETFO Equity and Women’s Services Program and Women In Action. It would be my absolute pleasure to represent the many and diverse voices of our local at this year’s Annual Meeting.

Cynthia McCarrey

My name is Cynthia McCarrey. I wish to be a delegate of the ETFO’s 2024 Annual Meeting. I have lots of experience as a delegate. I attended the annual meetings as a delegate for about 10 years pre-COVID when I was an E.T.T. member.

Now as an occasional teacher for the past 3 years, I understand the challenges occasional teachers face. I am an active member on Toronto Occasional Teachers Status of Women and Social committees. Students deserve better. I will advocate for members by discussing and voting on the priorities of our organization.

Ken Nakamura

ve attended hundreds of conventions and conferences and have attended hundreds od pd courses and socials with our unions opseu and etfo I have extensive certification in law the union and the recreation field . I would be nored to servr as a delegate at this summers ETFO UNION AGM Regards Ken nakamura 44 year ot with tdsb and ETFO UNION

David Pakula

In recent years, our union has faced challenges due to increasing polarization and division among its members. It’s time to reclaim our identity as a union that values collaboration and consensus-building.

By electing candidates committed to finding common ground and promoting unity, we can foster a more harmonious and productive environment for all members. Let’s prioritize practical solutions over ideological conflicts, ensuring that every member’s voice is heard and respected.

This election is about more than just selecting leaders; it’s about charting a course for the future of our union. Let’s come together to rebuild a union that embraces the diverse perspectives and aspirations of its members.

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Effie Sotiropoulos

My servitude to the ETFO Toronto Local membership has been expressed in multiple ways throughout the past several years. In addition to attending meetings and events and communicating directly with members in various forums and outings over the past 5 years, I continue to dedicate myself in my role as Executive Member, committee chair, committee member and, formerly, as delegate and alternate at the ETFO Annual meetings. I look forward to these important meetings for the opportunity to get a stronger grasp of the provincial scope of concerns and accomplishments, to network with peers and superiors, and, for the opportunity to apply my vote and my voice to represent our Toronto local in a room full of eager members. I look forward to attending this year’s annual meeting once again as delegate, and thank you sincerely for your consideration.

Your candidate,
Efstathia Sotiropoulos, OCT, M.Ed
ETFO TO Executive Member & Social Committee Chair