The Executive

  • Rob Fulford
    Rob Fulford President

    Contact information for Rob: 647-234-1774 or

  • Sophie Kroesen
    Sophie Kroesen First Vice-President

    Contact information for Sophie: 416-829-8198 or

  • Marisa Gallippi

    Contact information for Marisa: 416-574-6277  or

  • Gail James
    Gail James TREASURER

    Contact information for Gail: 416-278-6077 or

  • Rinat Evron
    Rinat Evron Secretary
  • Christina Meynell
    Christina Meynell Executive Member

    Contact information for Christina 647-700-6110 or

  • Fletcher Jerome
    Fletcher Jerome Executive Member
  • Sarah Boomhower
    Sarah Boomhower Executive Member
  • Vacant
    Vacant Executive Member

    Due to the Resignation of Greg Deitcher on May 12, 2022

  • Jeishan Rajakulasingam
    Jeishan Rajakulasingam Executive Member
  • Jeremy Bass
    Jeremy Bass Executive Member
  • Scott Maudsley
    Scott Maudsley Executive Member